Summer Staple clothes every woman must have!!

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Summer staple clothes are synonymous with shorts, dresses, and sleeveless clothes, however, these are not exactly the ideal garments for this season. They expose your skin to the sun’s rays, inviting problems like UV damage and heat rashes. While we’re supposed to apply sunscreen before we go out, a lot of people don’t actually do so, leaving their skin vulnerable and exposed. The heat also dries out your skin, causing it to become stiff and more prone to aging and wrinkles. If you think about it, the people who live in the deserts of the Middle East wear loose clothing that covers them from head to toe, primarily to protect them from the scorching heat. The ideal clothing choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops are also a good option.

Go for cotton

summer staple clothes


Cotton has the quality to absorb sweat from your body and  relaxed. as it works just as a towel, absorbing the sweat and discouraging the growth of bacteria and thus makes cotton a perfect choice for summer staple clothes.It is advisable not wear synthetic as unlike cotton and other natural fabrics it does not allow the skin to breathe.So when your body breathes, sweat evaporate from the body rather sticks on it hence makes you feel uncomfortable.

Opt for bright colors

summer staple clothesSource: Vacay

Summer is the time to faunlt with floral or striped prints dresses, which is the new trend to become a summer staple clothes icon.Primarily colors that can ease you with the hot scorching sun are light shades like beige, white and light blue, so wear colors that can keep you cool and trendy.As these colors reflect most of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere on the other side of the coin dark look nice for very formal occasions and dinner parties, as these tend to absorb these rays and trap their heat in the clothes, which make you even hotter.
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Chose to wear loose clothes

summer staple clothesSource: Vacay

Avoid wearing tight clothes as they tend to restrict the blood circulation in your body.Our blood vessels tend to dilate in summer in order to sweat so that it can cool itself by letting the sweat evaporate.So make sure to wear loose and airy summer staple clothes to allow your blood to circulate easily.

Select the correct outfit

summer staple clothesSource :Vacay

Just as summer comes, people like to wear shorts, sleeveless tops however if you think deeply then you will find that these are not exactly the ideal garments for this season.In order to expose your skin to sun’s rays, you unknowing invite problems like UV damage and heat rashes.Skin experts always advise to apply sunscreens before venturing in the sun but a lot of people do not actually do so, leaving your skin vulnerable and exposed.The dry skin thus causes it to become stiff and more prone to aging and wrinkles and at times skin cancer.A good example is seen on people living in the middle east where summer are brutal and temperatures are way above 45 degrees.They make sure to wear loose clothes that cover them from head to toe, clothes primarily to protect themselves from scorching heat.

Hence recommended summer staple clothes are loose pants,Long skirts with tops or simply convertible.Loose salwar kameez, long shirt with striaght plazo.


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