Ray ban sunglasses-The dependable choice

Ray ban sunglasses is one of the well-known sunglass brands around the world.One will find it in a high street shopping center or at a multi-brand showroom.Among the collection are the Aviators, Wayfarer and club master style are the hits and most sought ones.They are also the most copied but nothing to beat the original.

Ray ban sunglasses started its pioneer style the avaitors for United States Army service pilots, and now it has become one of the iconic sunglass brand of the century.With films like a Top Gun, Rebel without a cause, Easy rider, Risky Business, made people fell in love with it.Ray enjoys the status of one of the top brands today.

Not only it is the choice of conventional mass, but the A-lister also adores the ray ban sunglass brand. This is because Ray ban has consistently made sure to invent new eyewear styles that have unmatched comfort and are made of high-quality material.

One of its timeless style is the clubmaster inspired by 50s, give the wearer an unforgettable experience that has carried out since years.Thus the clubmaster is one of those designs that will always be in fashion.

The clubmaster:-

Ray ban sunglasses


The clubmaster are not just sunglasses they are the style statement in themselves as they have a distinctive look with thick black bold frame with metallic gold rims and a rubber nosepad.since the clubmaster ray ban sunglasses are manufactured themselves, they very durable and have a good life that comes with a manufacturing warranty and with a original leather case.

The Wayfarer

Ray ban Sunglasses

The brand Ray Ban sunglasses has given its iconic wayfarer a rugged makeover in the year 2015 with a tag name of “Denim Wayfarer” It took two years of research to give Wayfarer a makeover, which is layered with denim.And has resulted in a high tech layering procedure that gives each pair a unique look.Each piece is then finished with original riverts.The best part is that it is hand made in Italy that are available in blue and black denim.

The Avaitors

Ray ban sunglasses

The aviators from the house of Ray ban sunglasses was initially manufactured in the early 30s for fighter pilots.And it soon became a hit with even movie star like Tom cruise who was seen wearing the aviators in the movie Top Gun.

The style soon became popular with women around the world and thus many brands have now copied the design.Altough it was first manufactured for men but now the aviators have become gender-neutral and even women love to wear them to make their own style statement.


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