Men fashion is evolving with time!!!

Men Fashion Sense

Men fashion sense started from wearing collage of leaves the stone in the stone age to the fashionable clothes at golden globe awards. Fashion apparels have become the essential ingredient in the day to day life of every man. Apparels like funky T-Shirts & ripped jeans and the latest of tuxedo has made men fashion conscious.

The fashion sense has evolved men to dress up for every occasion with style.Keeping in mind the latest of fashion trends. Whether it is clothing, latest cologne, watches or footwear. Surprisingly, men are not afraid to try the latest offerings.So let us check out what is new in the men fashion world. Is it raw silk sherwani combined with a punjabi jutti, tuxedo, ripped jeans.Or is the pink the new black for men.


Men Fashion Sense -Tuxedo 

Men Fashion

Traditionally a tuxedo jacket has one button fasten on the front and often have pockets keeping the waistline slim. Over a period of time men fashion sense is evolving. People are now switching from plain black fabric to a better textured black jacket with plain trouser. For example a navy tuxedo with a black stain on all pockets, bottoms, and waistband, which makes the suit stand out with strong contrasting colors.

Thus a tuxedo remains a powerful choice for a formal occasion.

Men Fashion Sense- Shirt 

The best combination is to keep the look classic. By choosing a wing tip collar.The collar option is not essential.If one does not like it. One can choose a plain formal shirt with french cuffs, which are a must with a formal shirt.That allows one to show a nice pair of cuff links, which stand out to show that one understands formal men fashion clothes.

Hence a wing tip collar shirt or a classic formal shirt can go with the formal outfit as long as you are comfortable to carry the outfit for the set occasion.

Men Fashion Sense- Watch 

men fashion

Men fashion sense for a  good watch is not just an extension of style.It is a fashion signature on man.So it pays to know what your watch says about you, right? Every man desires that there is no lack of coordination. Between his attire and the accessories that he matches to make his style statement.

As putting together an outstanding outfit does not end with the clothing.Least to say that a man wants to put shoes and other accessories to make a complete fashion sense.Here are some tips to find out what is the correct fashion sense in watches.To pick the best watch just as shoes, to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and different materials are crucial.
To conclude the right kind of watch that a man desires to match with the outfit for the occasion.The watch must have the correct dial and size, which fits the wrist. And can be an analog or digital. With a matching leather strap. Whereas for a casual wear to match it with jeans and T-shirt one can buy a sports watch with a sporty strap.

Men Fashion Sense- Footwear 

Men Fashion

Men fashion footwear

About different types and brands of Formal Shoes

A nice pair of formal shoe is essential to the final touch to a smart formal dress. And it does not matter whether one is keeping things simple with a classic pair of leather broke. Or wearing a modern twist on a traditional design.One can go for an alternative twist, with the dress shoe either with Dr. Marten’s broke or wearing classic with a pair of quality Hudson shoe.

Hence dressing for work or one just needs a good pair of evening shoe for a formal event. The shoe needs to be as comfortable as possible with high-quality insoles and outsole which are anti-skid.

You may also like to find out wedding attributes for women along with the quest of how to choose the correct shoe style to combine it what one wants to wear for the occasion.

When one is dressing up in the smart formal outfit, a classic option is to pair it with some good quality patent leather broke, which adds a touch of shine & elegance to the overall personality.Although broke in mat finish can also compliment the formal look of your dress.If one is planning to dress up to have a more casual outlook with some formal footwear, one should keep things streamlined with some simple slim fit or shinny jeans and match the dress with a crisp oxford shirt.If one is going for light colored jeans, one can go for a less intense brown pair.As this will keep the outlook classic, yet elegant and generally be more comfortable for someone who does not like to wear formal suits. The best option for footwear when pairing them with a formal suit is to wear a patent leather or broke shoe.
Thus whatever kind of footwear a man decides to wear must make a correct men fashion sense. It is desirable to try to choose a design that compliments his body and ensure that the overall look to be balanced and suitable to his body structure.


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