Five must have footwear for men

Footwear for men is regarded as an impotant aspect of dress sense. Tom ford, the famous fashion designer,  once said that “a man is known from the shoes he wear because they are what you are”.

This is well said as the shoe you wear give an impact to not only the style and outfit you wear but also your personality . Hence it is essential that you chose a style that fits well and compliments your overall looks and this holds good for both men and women.

Since men spend most of their time in the office or work related outings like formal meetings,formal dinners and formal events, it becomes all the more important he chooses the most suitable style of formal footwear for men.

So let us checks out the five types of formal footwear for men and how to carry them.

1.Essential oxfords:

An Oxford shoe is recongined by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed “closed lacing”. Traditionally,oxfords shoes were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal, uniform, and casual wear.

How to style with them:

Ideally an oxford shoe best pairs with formal trousers for office wear and interviews.They are also good to wear for daily wear to the office.

2.Leather boots

It was a general presumption that boots are best matched with denims and T-shirts but things have changed and it is no more entirely correct.Now boots with semi ankle length give a great look and style.Lace boots and Chelsea styles are the ones that can gearup with formal trouser at work.They are worn with ripped denims and make a style statement when riding a nice bullet or bike.

Most wearable with and when:

Plain boots can be worn for semi-formal occasion like Sunday lunch with clients,a meeting with office colleague.or any formal occasion where one is going to wear a full formal suit.

3.Formal pumps:

footwear for men

A formal pumps, which are also known as opera pumps,are a perfect replacement for formal oxford shoes, are loafer like formal footwear for men made of patented leather and has shiny texture.

Formal pumps gel with: for a black tie event and they also gel with tuxedos and business suit.

4.Cross trainer shoes

footwear for men

If you are a sports enthusiast then a cross trainer is a must have .To do any kind sports and physical activity you need a specific athletic shoe.A cross trainer is the most versatile among athletic sports shoe that can provide cushioning and stability that is required for a various sports activities.

Most apt to wear with:

Cross trainer sports shoe are mostly worn with track pants or suitable sports attire


5.Monk –Straps

footwear for men

Monk straps are for people seeking unique shoe for themselves.These shoes have buckle instead of laces.Monk straps are available in single and double clasp designs with colors of clasps specifically silver,brass or gold.

Ideally suitable for special occasions

Monk straps are eye catchers so it is advisable to wear them to special events and office functions.It is vital that the color of the clasp matches with the color of your belt buckle,tie bar,cufflinks and wrist watch.You may also like to find out about ray ban sunglasses in our next post.ray ban sunglasses in our next post.

Thus it will be apt to conclude that footwear for men show case his personality.


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